Magikarp Jump Killed my Hope

Hope is dead – Pidgeotto ate it.

You see, Hope was the name of my Magikarp, back in my days of innocence. We met early in my trainer career, just after a particularly brutal loss in the league; renewed hope came in the form of my newly-acquired Poke-pal, and she received a fitting name.

And was she glorious! Her orange scales glinted with sunlight as she splashed about in her pool, growing stronger by the berry. And her performance at the Jump Counter could be matched by no other Magikarp I had yet trained. Truly, I had found my champion – together we would take down the league and push into the unknown.

MKJ Holding Hope Edited (Lee)

The world was our Cloister, but nothing could have prepared me for the true brutality of the Pokemon world, which had once seemed so sweet and innocent.

After yet another productive training session, I decided to take Hope for a stroll – she had certainly earned it after pushing a Dwebble all the way across the beach. The sun shone bright and the wind whispered sweet promises through the trees. And ahead on the road – oh, a sight to behold! – a tree lush with berries so swollen and juicy that the branches hung low under their burden.

A much-deserved reward for my champion.

With JP well beyond that of mere common Magikarp, my Hope would have no trouble reaching the berries. With a mighty flail, Hope launched herself into the air, nipping at the juicy prize above.

But out of nowhere, the unthinkable.

MKJ - Hope Snatched Edited (Lee)

Just like that, it was over. Hope was gone, lost forever – to this day, I dare not think of her ultimate fate at the hands of such a cruel captor, though in my heart I know the truth. Until then, the true horror of Pokemon had remained hidden behind a curtain of dazzling competitions, fluffy critters, and friendly nurses named Joy. But in that moment, I realized the brutality of this world and the monstrous creatures that inhabit it..

Now, my Old Rod sits in the corner, cobwebs coating its once-strong line. A Pokeball, cracked and hollow, sits empty beside it as a silent memorial to dreams that dared to be dreamed.

Never again will I heed the call to be the very best, for my Hope is gone.

MKJ Hope Final Edited (Lee).jpg

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