Ice Cream is Legally Better than Cake – Splatoon 2’s First Splatfest


Though the Splatoon 2 Splatfest World Premiere has ended, it brought back all the fun of the series’ first entry. I played for about three of the four hours of available playtime, and as soon as the first match kicked off, that rush of addicting gameplay pulled me through the highs and lows of Splatoon’s signature fast-paced action.

It’s hard not to get caught up in the bright colors, peppy music, ingenious map designs, and zany characters that make Splatoon so unique, and it’s good to see that the spirit of the original carries through into the sequel. All that same care and attention to detail are present, including the custom graffiti that litters Inkopolis’s various battlegrounds, and the ability for players to write and draw custom messages for others to find.



“Uh, ok… that’s kinda weird… Moving on…”


In the end, team Ice Cream prevailed with a score of 2-1, though the margin was much closer than I expected, given the large difference in team members. Actually, it was hard for team Ice Cream to even find a match against their opponents, but the disadvantaged team Cake fought  with heart, and I ended up losing most of my matches against the tenacious Cakers. But try as they may, they could not overcome the sheer numbers of ice cream fans, and the score is now settled: ice cream is better than cake.



“So let it be written.”


This Splatfest did its job well, and I’m thoroughly pumped for Splatoon 2’s release on July 21st. I continuously cast longing glances at my Switch, wishing I could slide it out of its dock and launch into some neon-colored fun. But until then, I’ll have to keep myself occupied trying to figure out the “Cake me Daddy” guy’s deal…



“Ok, now I’m starting to get worried…”


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